How To Spot An Unbiased Esources Review

When trying to find an informative and helpful eSources review, many people have encountered a frustrating problem. They have had to waste precious time and energy sifting through posts, articles and reviews talking about an eSources scam. It is certainly true that news of any kind of scam in the wholesale or dropship arena is important. Con artists, middlemen and fraudulent businesses seem to be cropping up all the time and professionals and newcomers both end up being taken in by these ploys. However, in the case of eSources, the allegations of scams and frauds are simply not true. In fact, the company has taken a number of steps to expose certain scam outfits and protect buyer interests in the field of wholesale and dropshipping.


Looking Out For The Buyer


A biased eSources review will often just talk about the company being a scam and nothing more. But a closer look at the service and what it offers will clearly show that eSources poses a threat to many unscrupulous suppliers and distributors in the industry. The reason for this is very simple. Many directory services that are available today are not very stringent about the kind of suppliers they include. Many of them do not even have a screening or verification process of any kind. They simply include suppliers and distributors and the directory is offered to the buyer. This means that the buyer is in an extremely vulnerable position. They may take it for granted that the suppliers included on the list are legitimate. This is why in many cases, buyers end up making deals with middle men or con artists.


Any eSources review will touch on the fact that the service makes it difficult for fraudulent suppliers to gain a listing. In fact, the company has strenuous standards regarding who they will include in their directory. Not only does the supplier have to verify themselves and provide the right kind of contact information, they also need to maintain good business ethics and


practices. If a buyer lodges a complaint against a supplier, eSources will immediately ban them from the directory.


A Blow To Bad Suppliers


When reading an eSources review, it's important to also consider this scenario from the standpoint of the supplier. A good supplier will have no problems with a verification process or with having to maintain good business ethics. After all, this is a natural part of building good business partnerships in the community. Fraudulent suppliers and scam outfits are the ones that will have problems with the eSources directory. Not only will they not be able to gain a listing, the company is very open about sharing information on dubious suppliers. They will inform buyers about suppliers and distributors that have questionable business practices. The truth is that a negative and biased eSources review usually comes from a crooked supplier or middleman whose business has been affected by eSources.