Esources Scam-The Truth Behind It

A lot of people have read reports of an eSources scam doing the rounds on the Internet. ESources, one of the better-known UK trade directories, has been used by thousands of people since its inception. So, is there any foundation to the allegations of an scam? A quick investigation of the eSources website, as well as user reviews, brings to light the following facts:


  1. Free Registration: Unlike what eSources scam reports are claiming, eSources does not charge a fee for registration. Buyers as well as suppliers can register for free. And no, there is no hidden cost. Unlike other dropshipping directories, eSources does not force members to pay high commissions if they want to access certain products. Buyers can look up the names and contact details of premium suppliers. ESources also offers other benefits, such as free e-courses, tips, e-mailed notification from suppliers, and direct contact with suppliers.


  1. Paid Registration: Yes, eSources also has a paid membership program. Before you say, “ESources scam,” here is a look at why paid membership might be necessary. A basic membership provides a lot of benefits that most other directories do not offer without a fee. ESources premium membership, simply put, offers even more benefits. Suppliers who register after paying fees add credibility to their profiles and can access many more buyers than free members. Similarly, paid membership allows buyers to access profiles of paid as well as free suppliers. If a buyer is looking for a particular product and cannot find it by browsing the website, they can have product requests sent directly to relevant suppliers. Paid members also get fully functional e-commerce sites with free hosting.



  1. Supplier Verification: Most people who have read reports about an eSources scam but never used the site are unaware of the supplier verification program of eSources. This is one of the few trade directories that offers full contact details and names of suppliers. You can visit supplier websites for more information. Most suppliers are established businesses. Many of them are old hands at dropshipping and supplying to eBay retailers.


  1. Company Information: One fact that makes it hard to believe reports of an eSources scam is the availability of information about the company on the eSources website. Scammers, as a rule, do not offer any information regarding their corporate names, street addresses, or office hours. ESources, however, works in an open and transparent manner and provides full, verifiable details such as the address and name of the company and owner.


Considering all these points, it is difficult to believe there would be any truth to the reports of an scam.